Mundial RoRo Shipping Service Hamburg GmbH

Our ship management company is situated in Hamburg Port. It was founded in June 1997 in Germany. As CEO, Mr. Thomas Weidner acts since then.

Since our founding until the spring of 2009 Mundial RoRo Hamburg harbour agent worked as a representative company of the shipping agency "Beirut Mundial", which worked in the field of RoRo and car transportation. Our ship management company worked in the Middle East and Africa.

From 2009, we have made ourselves as a constantly growing company to the task, Mundial RoRo ship agent adapts your choice to the changed conditions of the market and the customers.

Our shipping agency specializes in the areas of shipping services, port services, customs declaration, in the technical supervision of ships and delivery of ship spare parts.

Mr. Thomas Weidner, CEO

Mr. Thomas Weidner, CEO

Our services

Port and vessel agent Mundial RoRo in Hamburg provides cost effective general cargo port services including charterers and husbandry, coordination & assistance, handling of spare parts, ship stores and provision, dry-docking and repairs, crew management and so on.