Customs declaration

As a professional exporter, we offer the following services

- Creation of export declarations "AES" for vehicles
- In connection with the export declarations privileged documents can be created (EUR 1)

We can handle the export declarations under the simplified procedure.

So working with us you do not need to pre-set the vehicles to the customs at the following terminals:

- Unikai Lagerei und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH
Dessauer Str. 10, 20457 Hamburg, Depot 48

- C. Steinweg (Süd-West-Terminal) GmbH & Co. KG 
Am Kamerunkai 5, 20457 Hamburg, Depot 60-64

- BLG Terminal
Kattwykweg 7, 21107 Hamburg

- Buss Hansa Terminal
Am Travehafe, 20457 Hamburg, Depot 81

- Rhenus Midgard Hamburg GmbH 
Antwerpenstr. 1A, 21129 Hamburg

In the two-step procedure, we can create customs documents within Germany. Despite the fact that we specialized in vehicles, we can also create declarations for other product groups. Customs Valuation can be a quite a complex issue as it requires deep knowledge of customs regulation in a particular country.

We understand that the transaction value (often the sales price) is often based on the he legal principles stated in the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement but there are certain exceptions for certain countries. Our customs declaration agents in Hamburg will help you company fill in your customs declaration form for your goods according to German customs requirements.