Loading, stowage, lashing & securing of cargo on board the vessels as well as supervising.

We load and stow vehicles of any kind (RoRo) with our own well-trained personnel.
Our staff is able to drive load- and special vehicles such as forklifts reach stacker, construction vehicles, trucks etc. At your request, we can pack or unpack the container.

Mundial RoRo shipping service Hamburg GmbH is one of the most professional stevedoring companies which has been serving the needs of container and cargo ships in Hamburg since 1997. Our company offers loading and unloading of container vessels at terminal ports in Hamburg.

When the ship enters the port or terminal it needs stevedoring services to minimize port time, and get the ship back to work again. Most large container ships do not have their own cargo handling equipment.

Our team has workers who can load and discharge car carriers, which are used for car transportation, sort them for import and export. We can check the merchandise for any damage which may happen at sea or pre-loading. After that the cargo is loaded on trains or trucks for further transportation. We have expensive cargo handling equipment in ports and terminals in Hamburg.
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