We support unpack and turn contact the customs in order to achieve a release.

We offer you as our performance and the packing and unpacking of your vehicle to the customs.
In the two-step procedure, we can create customs documents within Germany. We offer ship and vessel clearance for our clients. Despite the fact that we specialized in vehicles, we can also create declarations for other product groups and ship and vessel applications. Customs Valuation can be a quite a complex issue as it requires deep knowledge of customs regulation in a particular country.

We understand that the transaction value (often the sales price) is often based on the he legal principles stated in the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement but there are certain exceptions for certain countries.

Our customs declaration agents in Hamburg will help you company fill in your customs declaration form for your goods according to German customs requirements.


We support unpack and turn contact the customs in order to achieve a release as soon as possible.


We are loading and stowing vehicles of any type (Ro/Ro) with our own well trained personnel. Our staff is also able to drive special vehicles, such as: forklifts, reach stackers, construction vehicles, trucks, etc.


We are also introducing e-checks with check seals by VDE regulation for you.

Mundial RoRo Shipping Service Hamburg GmbH is a professional customs clearance agent which offers customs services to all clients from all over the world when they come to Germany.

We ensure that your company will have no problems with German customs. Your cargo will pass through customs in Hamburg with a minimum of time-consuming paperwork because our custom agents use the advanced data management tools and possess enough knowledge to solve any problem. We know everything about German tariff classification and value for duty of your cargo according to German government regulations.

Our customs clearance agent work 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in Hamburg.
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